Excerpt of the recent "One Minute Update" Joondalup Health Campus 7 May 2018

Accreditation as Centre of Excellence in Minimally
Invasive Gynaecology

Joondalup Private Hospital and WA GynaeScope have been accredited as a ‘Centre of Excellence in Minimally Invasive Gynaecology’ (COEMIG) for another three years.
The COEMIG program recognises hospitals and surgeons around the world providing exceptional minimally invasive gynaecology surgical care through “keyhole” surgery.
Among the many qualifications considered by independent US based surveyors were: experience of the surgical consultants,  the quality of the hospital’s technology and equipment, adherence to established clinical guidelines and protocols for perioperative care, the availability and competency of the support staff and surgical team members and ongoing education for staff and patients.
Well done to JHC Gynaecologists and founders of WA GynaeScope, Drs Santanu Baruah and Gian Urbani, who led the Accreditation and thank you to the staff who were involved in the process.